4/11/22 A Message to Blue School Families & Community

April 11, 2022

We are teachers and staff of Blue School. Since December 2020, we have been organizing a union to improve our work lives and have a voice in our own conditions of employment. We love the work we do at Blue School but we decided to unionize after the School made unilateral cuts in compensation and jobs, and we became aware of significant pay inequities. 

Unions are common in our public schools and in higher education, and are becoming increasingly common among private and independent schools. In organizing, we join thousands of our peers in the Northeast who are a part of unions. We are deeply committed to seeing Blue School thrive now and in the future, and we believe the School will be a stronger educational institution if we have a fair contract.

Regrettably, the School has fought our choice to unionize at every step of the way, engaging in costly legal maneuvering. Our Union has won at every one of these steps, only to be delayed by yet another appeal. On April 7, our union was ultimately certified by the National Labor Relations Board, after winning our union vote overwhelmingly. However, even before the ballots were counted, the School announced its intention to refuse to bargain with us, an unfair labor practice that violates the National Labor Relations Act.  

See here for a chronology of Blue School anti-union action

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued an order for the school to bargain with us and we have requested an initial meeting with Noah Reinhardt to begin the process.  

We ask that you, the families and community members who share our love of Blue School, stand with us now and encourage the School to recognize our union and bargain fairly. Please support our legal right to bargain for a fair contract in the School we call home. 

How You Can Help Now

Call Blue School and ask them to withdraw their objections, recognize our union, and bargain with us in good faith:

Follow us on Instagram and send us a selfie holding the “I support…” sign.