Chronology of Blue School Fighting Our Union

June 2021 

  • With strong majority support, our Union petitions the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a union election of all full-time and regular part-time professional and non-professional employees.
  • The School retains Littler Mendelson, an anti-union management law firm and challenges our right to a mail ballot election and the inclusion of many positions. The School also seeks to delay our election by months. This triggers the necessity of costly, delaying hearings at the Labor Board.

August 2021 

  • The NLRB denies the School’s challenges and orders a mail ballot election to be scheduled.
  • The School makes a motion to stay the election and requests that the NLRB in Washington throw out the Regional Director’s decision.  

September 2021

  • The mail ballot election precedes but because of the School’s pending appeal, when the ballots are returned to the Labor Board, they are impounded and held pending the School’s appeal instead of being opened and counted.

October 2021

  • The National Labor Relations Board in Washington throws out the School’s motion and orders the ballots to be counted immediately

November 2021

  • At the ballot count, the School challenges the individual ballots of multiple employees claiming election misconduct. The School challenges so many ballots that the election results can only be finalized after the Labor Board rules on the legitimacy of each of the challenges.  

December 2021 

  • The Regional Director rules in favor of the union and orders the ballot count to resume.
  • The School objects to the Regional Director’s decision and again appeals to the full Board in Washington DC.  

March 2022

April 2022

  • The Regional Director throws out the School’s objections, and THE UNION IS CERTIFIED.
  • A Bargaining Order is issued.

See here for the full NLRB case docket.